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MatterSphere - Matter Management

Matter Management

Improving Matter Management helps the business work more efficiently and maintains accurate case load, resource planning and in turn will provide for a better client experience. LFS has designed many applications to help the Matter Life Cycle so that a Fee Earner can manage caseloads from a Sales Enquiry through to Dead filing, a so-called “cradle to grave” process that tracks the history of the matter and ensures that the business meets its goals.

Opportunity Management

Managing enquiries in any organisation is essential. Understanding your lead generation, your conversion rates, where to invest your marketing and how to skill your team to promote your legal service is vital whether that’s selling to an individual or a corporate client.

LFS have designed a versatile sales management solution that enables you to create all enquiries as a preliminary client/matter and store against that record the estimate/quote of your legal fees, costs and disbursements. The quote is delivered using a PDF generating process and stores against the matter. Managing the sales process by tracking the follow up process, recording the activity and ultimately the result – did you Win or Lose the enquiry.

Management reports, command centre view and dashboards then present the success of enquiries enabling you to manage your business and resource planning accordingly.

Budgeting and Estimating

It’s essential for your business to track the legal spend against the estimate/quote that you’ve provided to the client to ensure that you manage the budget and the client expectations.

Over running legal costs and / or disbursements needs to be carefully controlled so that the client is aware of higher than expected fees. The budgeting and estimating solution from LFS helps you manage this process by identifying matters that are close to their quoted value (need to use the Opportunity Management System) and can then help you revise quotes before it becomes a problem.  In doing so, client experience is improved and of course you avoid the likelihood of an unpaid or disputed invoice and maybe a complaint.

File Closure Management

The matter closing process is often poorly handled by law firms and is a process that is left to the last minute. Usually only performed to free up space when filing cabinets are overloaded.

By using the LFS File Closure technology, the fee earner can mark a file as “Ready for Closing” to process the tasks that are set by the organisation such as Client Satisfaction forms and checking if the account balances are zero and that all tasks are completed.

Once the closure criteria are met, the file is identified by the Archiving/Dead Filing team for the file to be collected, processed into the storage system (boxed or shelved) and filed away with its unique identifier. The file is lodged for destruction at the end of its filing term and the matter status is updated to reflect these changes.

Note Management

Fed up of creating paper notes that have poor use in the future, let alone managing the templates, then Note Management is your answer.

The Note Management tool is a simple but effective way of replacing your paper based notes with a “line by line” equivalent all stored chronologically against the matter. Each note loads as a “template” but the text is data rather than text in a word document. This effectively helps manage the content richly and when used with the Client Portal provides an excellent online client experience.

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