eChits Electronic Accounts Slips

The process for requesting monies to be paid or informing accounts of monies that are being received is often a laborious process that is using handwritten slips (pink and blues!) or as a typed document that ultimately does not retain/capture the information for reporting or analysing.  Even if the information is typed on the originating slip, the same data is then re-keyed into the Accounting system and so doubling the effort to make a posting.

LFS has worked with Indigo to build a fully integrated posting routine from front office requests through to back office accounts postings. The posting requests are created, authorised and then approved by the front office team prior to the posting request being transferred as an eChit into Indigo to the Accounts/cashier office as a Pending Transaction for their final approval and to accept as a posting to the Matter.

The eChit process is adaptable for Client or Office and applies to Payments and Receipts.  All payment tyupes are catered such as Cheque, BACS and TT.  LFS has also designed solutions that will take the payment information of BACS and TT items that are approved and posted to Indigo for importing to your online bank and so no further re-key even to your bank!  A truly integrated solution.