eBills Electronic Bills

The process for issuing a bill to a client should be straightforward but often takes much longer than it needs with Fee Earners requesting Billing Guides and Disbursement sheets from their accounts team to then identify what items can billed/written off before then drafting and ultimately issuing a bill to the client.  The bill is many days later than it needed to have been and this affects the cash/WIP lockup of the business. 

LFS has built a fully integrated billing routine from front office billing requests that look at the live position of time entries, disbursements and additional fees.  Thee Fee Earner can easily identify the matters that a due a bill, commence the bill process and generate a bill document that is attached to an email (or printed if you prefer) and sent immediately.  No more delays in billing.

The bill template is fully versatile and shows by example a remittance advice, bank details, remuneration and/or taxation statements and if you choose to do so also sends a detailed breakdown of the time entries.  The bill is given the next sequential bill number and at that stage is sent to the Accounts Office (as data) for accounts to accept and post as an eBill.  No re-key for accounts and all the time and disbursements are assigned to the bill as you expect and of course updates the unpaid bills balance.  A far greater experience from front to back office (and for your client!) and a fully integrated solution.