Payments on Costs and Payment of our Fees

Please note we will require your identification documentation before we accept payment of costs on account. 

Payment of costs
It is our normal practice to ask clients to make a payment on account of fees or expenses which we expect to be incurred, or to discharge an unpaid invoice, or to reimburse a payment made by us on your behalf.

Payment of fees
Payment of all invoices is due within 28 days, unless we have agreed Interim Billing. Our bills can be paid by:-

  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online banking

If we have agreed to operate interim billing we will issue you with an interim invoice on or around the 25th day of each month on account of work undertaken.

We have two options for payment of interim bills:-
Option 1 – We request a retainer of £750 on commencement and bills can be paid using the methods above within 14 days.
Option 2 – We request a retainer of £450 on commencement and ask our clients to complete a Debit Card Authority Form. The form gives us authority to automatically withdraw payment of our bills after 14 days from your bank account.

In the event that payment is not made within that period we will take no further action on your behalf until the account is settled in full. If you have any queries in relation to this particular subject then please do not hesitate to contact us.

On conclusion of your matter, a final invoice will reconcile total costs due with the amount paid on account for the whole of the period of the retainer. This will include any final adjustment to take account of items referred to in the previous section on Charges and Expenses. On completion if all bills and costs have been settled in full the retainer will be repaid in full.

Our estimates charges and disbursements are exclusive of any taxes and will be subject to the addition of VAT where appropriate. Our VAT registration number is 825 3512 44.

Methods of Payment
We accept the following methods of payment; for ease of reference the clearance time of each payment method is indicated in brackets:-

  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT) (immediate)
  • Faster Payment Service (next working day)
  • BACS ( next working day)
  • Debit Card (maximum £4,000) (up to 4 working days including the day payment is received)
  • Banker’s Draft (4 working days)
  • Cheque (8 working days)
  • By Credit Card (4 working days) Please note we are only able to accept a credit card payment for settlement of fees and VAT. (We cannot accept a credit card payment for expenses or other fees e.g. Counsel/Search’s)

We require cleared funds on account in order to begin work on your matter. Please speak with your Fee Earner if you have any questions relating to payment methods.

We regret we also do not accept cash

Please note that if any clients pay cash contrary to this policy by, for example, depositing cash direct with our bank we reserve the right to charge for the additional checks necessary regarding the source of the funds.

We do not accept payment by any of the following:-.

  • Diners Club
  • American Express