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Our Product

What are the benefits ?

Many law firms have used LFS as an invaluable tool to help them market their conveyancing departments. They have seen that agents want to be able to instruct several law firms from one central site and be able to track the progress of matters without having to constantly switch systems. Equally when updated regularly agents can start to rely on the system for information rather than constantly telephone lawyers for updates which can be frustrating for all concerned.

The lawyer does not have to pay third party panel management fees nor do they engage in law firm audits or penalty system which are common place amongst some of the larger conveyancing panels.

Finally the system gives even the smallest law firms the ability to compete with conveyancing factories by offering agents a state of the art tracking facility and the ability to pay and receive any level of referral fee.

Agents can then receive valuable extra income via referral fees which are becoming an essential part of modern day business.

What are the costs ?

The LFS product only levies a fee when a transaction is completed and this is typical between £15 and £30 dependent up on the number of referrals This is charged the law firm along with any referral fee to be paid to the agent. We do not dictate either conveyancing charges or the level of any referral fee. These are negotiated directly between the agent and the lawyer and the programmed into the system.

Our only other charge is an initial set up and training fee for lawyers who are new to our system of £599 + VAT.

About us

Welcome to Law Firm Services Ltd. Since 2003 we have become synonymous with providing world class software solutions to the UK property industry. Our dedicated team help estate agents and law firms, work more closely together, maximizing potential benefits and ensuring consumers can gain access to some of the countries leading conveyancing suppliers. Innovation is critical to our development and we are constantly reviewing the market to bring new solutions to the problems faced by the industry.

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